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The spa facilities in our hotel

Thermal water steam bath

Warm humidity is relaxing on the nasal mucous membranes, bronchial tube and lungs. The airways are moistened and cold-related and chronic respiratory problems are alleviated.


Dry heat provided by a masonry heater. Within a short period of time, you will be able to breathe easily again.

Steam shower

With the press of a button, the cubicle is filled with soothing steam, at a temperature of 45°C and 100% humidity. This climate boosts the beauty of the skin, the body's antibodies are activated, the muscles relax and blood circulation increases.


Block sauna with light therapy.

Coloured lights work magic in the cubicle creating your personal starlit sky while the five colours of lights provide you with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

Kneipp pool

The cool thermal water acts as a facilitator of temperature and stimuli and responds to the autonomic nervous system through the skin.
As a result, there will be reactions in the blood vessels, the metabolism and the body muscles.

Infrared cabin

Our infrared cabin with thermal heat allows you to alleviate pain in a natural way and activates your body's defence and self-healing powers of your body.

Each usage (free) corresponds to mild endurance training, strengthens the whole body and simply does good.

Relaxation room

In our spacious relaxation room with a panoramic view of the park you can enjoy the proper relaxation that you deserve after the extensive encounters with the water element.

... and more

The subsequent recovery and regeneration time on the large, partly shaded lawn, is a pure delight. Our physiotherapist is at the disposal of those with medically prescribed treatments.


Massages, natural Fango, natural mud, Dorn-Preuß-Therapy for back pain, AMMI, reflexology and more.


Relaxing Royal oil bath, Ayurveda, Thalasso, La Stone, Pantai Luar, Prelude Marine etc.